Mgarr Men Match Vs Fleur De Lys. [article by]

Fleur de Lys Office Group too superior for Mgarr Volley

Fleur-De-Lys Office Group vs Mgarr Volley 3-0
(25-17, 25-17, 25-11)

Fleur de Lys Office Group maintained their positive start in the MVA men’s Super League
to beat Mgarr Volley in straight sets. Both teams had won their previous matches against
Aloysians and Yahoos respectively.

Fleur de Lys Office Group started well straightaway with services from setter Matthew
Cumbo, however Mgarr under experienced coach Silvio Camilleri were counter attacking
and gain immediate side outs especially with attacks from Kurt Abela and captain Patrick
Camilleri. Fleur de Lys Office Group then gained a seven point lead with powerful spikes
from Valerio Savio and Louis Reynaud to close the set 25-17.

The second set was very similar to the first, displaying balanced in the initial rallies with
good passing from Etienne Micallef mostly to Clayton Portelli for Mgarr. Fleur de Lys office
group upgraded their level of play and showed their superiority especially with good spikes
from Eric Sciberras and Antoine Busuttil.

The third set was never in contention as Fleur de Lys continued with their excellent
performance. Player coach Silvan Gauci distributed many good sets to Michael Magro,
Maaerten Haegdorens and Robert Busuttil to close the set 25-11.

Match Officials:
1st Referee: Steve Farrugia
2nd Referee: Amy Guiga

Fleur de Lys Office group:
1 Matthew Cumbo, 2 Valerio Savio, 3 Eric Sciberras, 4 Robert Busuttil, 5 Antoine Busuttil, 6
Maaerten Haegdorens, 7 Aristar Borg, 9 David Cutajar, 10 Silvan Gauci, 13 Mike Magro, 16
Louis Reynaud, 17 Joseph Borg Bonaci

Mgarr Volley:
2 Clayton Portelli, 3 Kurt Abela, 4 Matthew Abela, 7 Etienne Micallef, 8 Robert Camilleri,
9 Charles Muscat, 10 Rodian Formosa, 12 Patrick Camilleri, 15 James Camilleri, 17 Andrea

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